The world of technology is ever-evolving, yet it plays a critical role in every industry. Over the course of this year, we’ll see new developments in the internet, artificial intelligence, and more. The following are a few specific examples of new technology and how it will revolutionize the world. 


5G Internet and Starlink Broadband


The Internet has come a long way since the infamous and obnoxiously loud chirping dial-up tones your device made when you visited the World Wide Web. 2020 is all about expanding accessibility to a fast new era of the Interweb through deployment of 5G and Starlink broadband technologies. The technology itself isn’t new; it’s been around for some time now. The next 365 days, however, will focus on making connection to that ultra fast internet a reality for more individuals, and much of this year will see a space race of sorts between the U.S. and China in order to determine who can launch more satellites and thus effectively propel 5G capabilities into greater mass consumption.


Autonomous Driving Technology


Who isn’t talking about Tesla these days? AI technology intended for the purpose of better understanding detailed road conditions is ever-evolving, and it’s unarguably a sector that will continue to see a spike in research and innovation given the success of Elon Musk’s famous luxury vehicle. While Tesla cars are capable of using autopilot mode when operating on highways, this feature is limited to level 2 (driving support) and level 3 (operated by the driver in the case of emergency) functions. Level 5, or fully autonomous driving, has not yet been realized. Startups like Prophesee in France and Humanising Autonomy from the United Kingdom are working to make that level a reality.


Innovations in Agricultural Efficiency


Under the combined impact of climate change and an increased number of individuals choosing to pursue plant-based diets and other manners of sourcing ethically gathered food, innovations in agricultural efficiency will take the main stage. Robots that harvest produce (such as those found at Abundant Robotics) will certainly become more commonplace, as will the method of indoor farming demonstrated by companies like Bowery Farming.


Improvements to Household Forms of AI


While visions of metallic android butlers may come to mind when we hear the words “artificial intelligence,” AI also applies to those household helpers known more commonly as Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant. 2020 will continue to see new improvements and breakthroughs in how we interact with these technologies, and moreover, how they interact with us.